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“Thank you! I’m writing to extend deepest thanks – from me, my colleagues, and our patients and families – for all that you have done, and continue to do, to make our first-ever radiothon such a great success. You and the entire A1 team were a joy to meet and collaborate with on this project. We appreciate very much the creativity, personal touches and level of involvement you all brought to this initiative – both leading up to it and on the day of! And in particular, the compassion and respect you showed while broadcasting live from the hospital lobby was noted by many. For us at The Princess Margaret, not only is raising the money to support our cause very important, but so is building an understanding of what our cancer centre does, in the Chinese community. You really helped us with both of these goals; so thank you again.”

Laura Moretti, Director Annual Giving & Ethnocultural Strategy of The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

"我們CONCORD ADEX很高興一直以來都有星島集團旗下的A1中文電台參與現場直播,向華人社區廣泛介紹CONCORD在重要節日舉行的公開活動及銷售活動, 成為我們向華人客戶連系的重要媒體之一。
A1 中文電台所製作的節目除了資訊豐富, 更俱備娛樂性, 累積一班高質素的聽眾群。我們相信A1的廣告客戶能夠得到很高的市場推廣效益。
在重要的節日, CONCORD都會要求有A1中文電台的參與,更會利用星島集團多媒體平臺優勢, 包括星島日報, 以及Singtao.ca有效率地向華人社區傳達CONCORD在加國的重點項目。”

Mr. Brian Fong Concord Adex

“A1 Radio has truly been a great media partner of Balmoral Marketing for a number of years.
At each campaign, after briefing the marketing objectives of clients to engage with the Chinese target groups, they quickly turn around with very creative ideas and initiatives that would be meet these objectives. Moreover, we appreciate their professionalism in researching materials that would enhance the content of the program to attract the attention of listeners to our client’s products and services.
Additionally, A1 Radio has a well-established base of listeners at age group of 20 – 55 -- who has become huge fans of their program celebrities. We wish A1 Radio continuous success!”

Sharifa Khan, President and CEO Balmoral Marketing
(Marketing agency of Clorox)

“Active Green and Ross 2 locations at 3505 Kennedy and 925 Ellesmere has been associated with A1 Chinese Radio many years. A1's marketing strategy is outstanding and reaches every part of the GTA. The Remote Broadcasts are phenomenal.”

Mr. Christy Calistus, Owner Active Green and Ross

“Our 10th Anniversary RB you have done for us on September 14 was very professional. It was very successful, many customers heard from the radio and come to us that day, and many of them were all the way traveling from Newmarket, Mississauga, etc. to us. We appreciate the good work from you.”

Yoko Chick, Marketing Manager CIK Telecom

“我們Concord Adex協平嘉德很高興一直以來都有星島A1 中文電台及星島日報參與推廣品牌及銷售活動。在加拿大這個多元文化的國家,星島傳媒集團無間斷為華人社區送上即時資訊,積極將東方文化與西方接軌。無論從傳統媒體、廣播媒體、電子媒體、以及社交平台,均能夠全方位配合到我們的市場策略,把我們的訊息有效傳遞到讀者及聽眾群。在此我們衷心感謝加拿大星島傳媒集團,一直竭盡所能,引領我們客戶在這個訊息萬變的時代仍然走在最前。”

“We at Concord Adex are very pleased to have Sing Tao A1 Chinese Radio and Sing Tao Daily to participate in brand promotion and sales activities. In Canada, a multicultural country, Sing Tao Media Group continuously sends real-time information to the Chinese community and actively integrates Eastern culture with the West. Whether from traditional media, broadcast media, electronic media, and social platforms, they can fully cooperate with our marketing strategy and effectively deliver our message to readers and listeners. Here we sincerely thank the Canadian Sing Tao Media Group, which has been doing everything to lead our customers to stay at the forefront in this era of ever-changing information.”

Mr. Franky Li, Marketing Manager Concord Adex

“I would like to express my sincere thanks to Sing Tao A1 Chinese Radio for recently supporting the Scarborough Health Network Foundation Radiothon, held on April 23, 2020. Thanks to Sing Tao A1 Radio Station, a record-breaking $500,000 was raised in support of the COVID-19 Emergency Fund from more than 2,300 donors. This amount represents the most money ever raised for a Radiothon event in Scarborough. In addition, the event drove the largest amount of online donations we’ve ever received in a single day. We are so impressed by this performance and cannot thank your staff enough for the hard work and effort they put into this event. The funds raised will provide much needed support to our physicians, nurses and frontline workers by helping to address urgent needs at SHN. Thank you so much for making this year’s Radiothon a huge success!”

Alicia Vandermeer, President and CEO SHN Foundation

“As a non-mainstream European brand dealership, it is difficult to get people’s attention and to remember you. Thanks to A1 Radio, in the past almost 4 years, A1 Radio has been assisting us to customize advertising campaigns and giving us suggestions to deliver our messages in many different ways to the audience. It has been strengthening our ability to reach out to the right customers and also indirectly fueled us to continuously being Volvo’s Excellence dealership in Canada since 2017. Thank you once again A1 Radio.”

Pat Lau, Sales Manager Volvo of Unionville